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Terry Leahy is a lecturer in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He has been teaching sociology for years and decided to put all this stuff on the web to make it available both for his students and for other activists and fringe elements.

The site is called "gift economy" because that is the name of Terry's favourite utopian vision and these writings all relate to that in one way or another. So it is about strategies for change, how to get to a better future and how to think about what we are doing now. More specific topics are environmental issues and environmentalism, permaculture, sustainable agriculture, social theory, feminism, ecofeminism, and the meanings of popular media. Most of this content is relevant to the Society and Culture strand for the HSC in NSW.

On the face of it, the gift economy seems like a crazy anarchist delusion. Yet sooner or later, we will come to see that it is the only thing that can actually work. Anarchist strategies come in two basic shapes and sizes. One is to live now like we would like to live after the revolution. The other is to cobble together hybrids of the gift economy and capitalism. Both are inevitable.

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